Website Development & Design

User-Friendly Web Design

Websites should not be complicated. Whether you are a visitor to one of my websites for the first time or a manager logging in to change a paragraph of text, you will find Round Mountain Design websites extremely easy to navigate and edit.

Included In Our Websites

Responsive Design

Are you being penalized for not having a responsive designed (mobile friendly) website? Research states that more than 60% of all internet searches come from mobile devices. I create all my websites with the mobile view in mind first.  Mobile optimization has become more important for SEO and Google Ranking. After getting that right, I start the desktop view.



Another important feature of web development has become security. All of my website urls begin with https which means that they have a SSL certificate verifying that they are encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer. I also use several security programs to keep your site from being hacked with malicious code.

SEO Built-In

Websites must be built for people and for search engine optimization. Google bots and others need to be able to clearly identify what your business and services are about. Site-wide and on-page SEO is built into your website from the beginning using keywords in content, titles, headers, alt text, and meta descriptions.