Are you looking for a web designer for your next project? It’s important to select someone who is passionate and knows how to deliver results. The process of finding the right web designer for your project can be daunting. To make the process easier, here are a few key points to consider when choosing a web designer.


An important element in working with a web designer is communication. Choose a professional who can explain their design philosophy, processes, and technology in plain language. You also want to hire a designer that knows how to ask you the right questions to find out what your business needs and what style you prefer. You need someone who isn’t just a yes-man. You want them to challenge what you are asking for and be able to guide you into what the best practices are for your project. The customer isn’t always right when it comes to web design. A good web designer will be able to tell you “no” when it is in your best interest.

Most importantly, they should be responsive to your questions and feedback and promptly reply to calls and emails. If a designer doesn’t answer your call or get back to you in a timely manner, move on.


Ask to see examples of the web designer’s work. Great web designers don’t just have portfolios, they have an impressive body of work. Spend some time reviewing the portfolio to get a grasp of their design capabilities. Are their designs user-friendly? Are they easy to navigate? Are they ADA Compliant?

Excellent Reviews

Check out the web designers’ reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook or ask for past client references. This is one of the best ways to assess the quality of their services. If there is an issue with a bad review, did the designer respond in a professional manner and offer to fix the issue?

Search Engine Optimization

it is important to choose a web developer that builds websites that are visually interesting and organized for people as well as structured well for search engines. They must be able to identify keywords for your industry and know where to place them to optimize your website for search engines.

These are four important things to look for when you hire a web designer. However, I believe that communication is the most important. One last thing to consider…do you like them? Are they easy to talk to? Can you understand what they are saying? Are they friendly? You want to work with someone that brings a smile and a helpful attitude.

I hope these tips are helpful to you in your decision-making process on which web designer to hire. I would also humbly ask that you would consider hiring Round Mountain Design to partner with you and your business. We’ll take it to the next level together! Call for a free consultation.